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Property Purchase Questionaire General

  1. Is this property intended for personal use or for investment?
  2. Type of property required(i.e. Apartment, Townhouse, Beach villa, Plot, Resort, Gated Condominium, Farm etc.)
  3. Do you require a new, re-sale or 'off-plan' property?
  4. Do you plan to occupy the property permanently or will you wish to rent it out from time to time?
  5. Configuration of the property – number of bedrooms, bathrooms, reception rooms, study, servants quarters, etc. etc.?
  6. Location:
    a) General area (i.e. within city area, suburbs etc.)
    b) More specific (near airport, sea & beaches, inland, countryside, city/town, resort, hills/mountains etc.)
  7. Approximate plot size – the larger the plot the less interference from neighbours!! However, a large plot will need to be maintained and kept tidy.
  8. Do you require convenient access to sporting facilities – golf, tennis, health club, sailing, horse riding etc?
  9. Are good telecommunications facilities (broadband,cable TV, RuralSat, etc.) important.?
  10. Do you require easy access to public transport – airport, taxi, bus etc.?
  11. Additional 'wish list' – private pool, sea views, close to shopping, NOT on busy main road, predominantly expat area yes/no, etc.
  12. Do you require air conditioning/central heating ?
  13. What is your approximate timescale for purchasing?
  14. Do you require any assistance with financing, mortgage etc. ?
  15. And now for the $64,000 question ? What is your approximate budget ?
  16. Please add any further requirements you think might help us in the search for your ideal property.