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Most visitors will fly in to Ceará’s state capital, Fortaleza, a bustling modern city of 2½million people located 3° south of the equator on Brazil’s northeast Atlantic coast, and a 7-hour flight from Europe. Often compared with Rio de Janeiro, albeit on a smaller scale, Fortaleza offers an attractive mixture of modern sophistication and old-fashioned Brazilian tradition and hospitality, hence its huge popularity with tourists from overseas and other parts of Brazil.

Its recent selection as one of the regional centres for the 2014 World Soccer Cup to be held in Brazil, is yet another reason to give serious consideration to Fortaleza as a holiday and investment destination. Already a long-standing favourite destination for many Brazilians,  Fortaleza prides itself on providing a broad spectrum of leisure facilities for all interests and age groups. Amongst the new attractions currently under construction are, a world class Aquarium, Convention Centre, Metro Network, Soccer Stadium, a complete rebuild of the city's famous beach promenade area and a number of new hotels.   

Ceará's semi-arid coastal belt enjoys an average year round temperature of 27°c while further inland up in the highlands at around 1,000metres, temperatures can drop as low as 15°c and fireplaces are to be found in most modern homes. Average annual rainfall is around 55 inches, most of which falls from February to May and there are 3,000 hours of glorious tropical sunshine every year.

As a major destination for both overseas and domestic tourists with more than 2½ million visitors every year, it is hardly surprising that having sampled some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and a climate to match, many of them decide to stay permanently. This has resulted in an active and sophisticated property market operating at price levels substantially below those of Western Europe and North America.

Many foreigners have chosen to retire here, not only on account of the climate but attracted by the agreeable quality of life, the stable economy and low inflation. Welcomed and accepted by the friendly local population and with good quality public services readily available, the relatively hassle-free standard of living has much to recommend it. The younger generation are also discovering the undoubted merits of the local real estate market as a source, not only of attractive and inexpensive holiday properties, but also as a sound investment opportunity for the future.