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Much maligned in the past as always being "The Land of the Future", Brazil can today claim with little fear of contradiction that her future has at last arrived. Already accepted as a major world player, and despite the global economic slowdown, she recently overtook Britain to become the World's sixth largest economy. The country is currently enjoying a buoyant economy, a strong, stable currency and relatively low inflation. With its vast natural resources and a motivated workforce, it is no surprise that foreign investors are flocking to share in the country's success. As any foreign businessman will confirm, today, there is far more to Brazil than just Carnival and Football, and as hosts of the 2014 Football World Cup finals, followed in 2016 by the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, there is now even more reason to invest in this exciting country.

At VilaBranca we specialize in the country's Northeast region which tends to be less crowded and consequently less developed than the Central and Southern states with considerably lower property prices. Furthermore the northeast is conveniently closer to Europe and the United States - the flight time from Lisbon for example is just 7 hours. In recent years, as continental Europeans and Scandinavians discovered this area, regular and charter flights have increased almost exponentially and the main centres are particularly well served in this respect. The climate is superb year-round and unlike many of its global competitors, the area does not suffer from eathquakes or other natural disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis or monsoons. With few exceptions, the major cities and a high proportion of the population is located within the Atlantic coastal belt , precisely where most of our properties are to be found.

We recently added a new activity to our operations which is ALREADY proving very popular - HOLIDAY RENTAL VILLAS AND APARTMENTS, an area in which we already have considerable experience in Portugal. With sports fans in mind, we plan to substantially expand this area in the future, particularly as the northeast region has been chosen to provide four of the 2014 World Cup qualifying centres.




We have many more properties on file, not all of which are in the Northeast, so if you do not find what you are looking for here, please contact us with your personal requirements or send us a completed copy of the appropriate questionnaire. Happy house hunting!


Brazil Questionnaire


2-Bedroom Resort Apartment - Fortaleza - Brazil

2-Bedroom Resort Apartment - Fortaleza - Brazil


2-bedroom apartments in a luxury beachside condominium on Fortaleza's up-market Praia do Futuro. With the beach on your doorstep and every conceivable holiday facility on-site this could be your ideal World Cup accomodation and in the years that follow, prove to be a lucrative rental investment.  


Villa Plots - Aquiraz Riviera Resort - Fortaleza - Brazil

Villa Plots - Aquiraz Riviera Resort - Fortaleza - Brazil

                                        FABULOUS OPPORTUNITY


Building plots on this prestigious new Golf Resorts on Brazil's northeast coast. Modelled on the lines of world famous European golf resorts and built to similar luxury standards this is not simply an unique investment opportunity but a means of providing owners with a truly luxury home and a lifestyle to match. Destined to become one of the world's sought-after vacation destinations, these properties will also have undoubted rental potential.     



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